FREE Short Story: “A Plunder by Pilgrims”

Decided to do a bit of creative marketing.  I’ve written a short story featuring the main character from my mystery, The Gray and Guilty Sea, and I’ve published it for free over on Smashwords.  So if you want a bit of prequel action regarding Garrison Gage, check out “A Plunder By Pilgrims.”

And of course, I’m hoping this entices you to buy the mystery, which is still priced at $3.99 (though it will be going up soon).

It starts with a knock at the door – something reclusive ex-detective Garrison Gage hates. When it’s his teenage neighbor, whose girlfriend has gone missing just before Thanksgiving, Gage gets reluctantly pulled back into his old line of work – and ends up facing some fears of his own in Oregon’s dark woods…

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